29/12/2008 For some time the Save The Waves Coalition and FIMA, we began a process that was distant and difficult, however, had the decision to bring the first program of the Waterkeeper Alliance to Chile. Finally, after the development of a comprehensive project to protectthe waters located on the coastline between the Maule and Itata rivers, we get our program Maule Itata Coastkeeper was accepted.
Today we are pleased to present to the public this important project which we have invested much time and effort, but we believe meets the needs and requirements of the communities involved and therefore, we will have excellent results.
The Mission we have set ourselves is difficult and very complex, as it is to avoid damage is on the coast in an area facing severe threats to both the ecosystem and for tourism.
To make this work is essential a responsible participation, active and high-mindedness of the community to make it your responsibility to safeguard the ecological heritage of the area they inhabit.
Program Operations
We have the first Coastkeeper in Chile, who will perform the monitoring of waters, and to receive complaints and make visits to areas at risk. We have also developed acareful system of Citizen Complaints where the community can, responsibly, to control those who endanger the environment.
Also, it opens an instance of mediation between the parties, which claims that the damage is repaired without going to courts. However, if this is not possible, we have provided a mechanism in which the ONG Fiscalía del Medio Ambiente (FIMA)  actively participate to initiate appropriate legal action necessary and thus fulfill our protection work, delivered in less than 30 days an answer on the feasibility of a mediation or to follow a program judicial. The Maule Itata Coastkeeper be an example and a benchmark in the protection of watersheds and hopefully in the not too distant to have many more Waterkeeper programs in Chile and Latin America.
I want to thank warmly the Waterkeeper Alliance for the trust placed in us and especially Francisco Ollervides for their dedication and cooperation in all requirements and continuing doubts to jump-start our program. Also to my team for their continued enthusiasm Angelina, Constance, Rodrigo de la O, and finally, Joshua Berry who believed in the program from the start and with whom we shared the vision that we had to make an important decision to protect the area between the Maule and Itata.
We hope to have the support of the community in the area, but also others who arevcommitted to the environment and especially the coastal defense of our country.
Of course, I invite you to visit our website: and contribute in the way they want to  Maule Itata Coastkeeper Program.

M. Fernanada Pinochet
Director and Coordinator

Maule Itata Coastkeeper

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