Permanently Maule Itata Coastkeeper Program  developed programs designed to set and meet goals that focus primarily on two areas: oversight of environmental issues, receiving and tracking and responsible citizens complaints, on the other hand, encourage participation community empowerment processes, training, coordination and education in various fields and levels. This implies a constant search for initiatives in the development of our activities and goals to design strategies that allow positioning of objectives always emphasizing the importance of community tene in its essence. The most important thing is to consider the program as part of the community and tool support for them to contribute to the creation of networks and social justice.
Since the program began operating in 2009 we have participated in various activities, workshops, participating or organizing events with sports clubs, social organizations, lectures, presentations at schools, etc.., Always promoting and disseminating their objectives in monitoring and channeling allegations.
Maule Itata Coastkeeper Program  will continue adding Maule Itata serious efforts to strengthen its activities to further strengthen its work with the community, authorities and organizations. If you want to develop some kind of activity, a campaign would like to collaborate with us please contact.
Some Activities (Blog in Spanish):
Campañas de Fiscalización y Limpieza de Ríos y Playas - Inspection and cleaning campaigns Rivers and Beaches
Los Patriotas del Sur limpiaron su casa este 18 - South Patriots cleaned the house this 18
Various sectors of the Maule Region come to call the Bureau Environmental structuring
Bítacora del Día: Reunión en Curanipe y Chanco - Weblog of the Day: Meeting Curanipe and Chanco
In Fourth Workshop on Chance EMPODERATE feat Maule Environmental Network
Bítacora del día: Visita a Chanco - Weblog of the day: Visit to Chanco
College Chat "Abate Molina", Talca. Environment, Energy and other herbs
Macrozonificación y Explotación de Roca en el Borde Costero - Rock Macrozoning and Exploitation in the coastal
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